Hello there!

Welcome to One Penny Trip.

Travelling the world can be both scary and exciting. Before I started travelling the world, I was full of so much dread, expectation and determination, ingredients you have to have when considering upping sticks and moving around all corners of the globe.

One of my greatest comforts whilst travelling is writing. Sometimes when I feel a little bit homesick, lost or excited about a new experience I’ve just had, I seek solace in One Penny Trip, because it brings me joy to know that not only am I connecting with people abroad, but anyone, anywhere, can simply log-on to the computer and read what I have to say, and maybe even choose to make a connection with me.

I want to show you everything I have and am learning abroad. I’ll put travelling in perspective for you, whilst showcases what I believe to be the world’s finest cities, communities and attractions – so you could maybe follow in my footsteps on your next big adventure.

I hope you learn a lot from One Penny Trip, and I’d love to learn a lot from my readers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Most of all, I hope this website entertains you, in the same way I’ve been entertained and educated by this amazing journey I’m currently on.