10 Reasons to Fall in Love with the UK


There are just too many reasons to love the UK to count. However, we have picked the 10 things we here at Heart Britain love most about the UK. See if you agree with us

1. The Great British Pub

Oh, the great British pub how we would all be lost without you. The nation might be full of fancy restaurants, classy bars and cool nightclubs, but give us a wooden table, a small selection of ale and an old man sipping beer in the corner every day.

It’s the place we go to moan about our long day of work, the perfect way to celebrate the weekend, or to just run into a neighbour you wouldn’t dream of speaking to if they were stood outside your house. It’s what makes Britain great and long may the pub continue.

2. Architecture

It seems as though every city in the UK has exquisite architecture. Edinburgh has Edinburgh Castle, London has the Swiss Re Building, and Liverpool has St George’s Hall. Not only do they offer depictions of a time gone by or a new way to live but many are steeped an intriguing history that must be explored.

3. Countryside

The beautiful hues of the UK’s countryside will take your breath away. From the magnificent rolling hills of Yorkshire to the picturesque views in the highlands, there’s no end to the nation’s picture perfect scenery. With so many cities to explore, and so many walks to go on in the countryside, it’s a crime not explore the quaint beauty of the UK’s rural land.

4. Cup of Tea

No-one makes a cup of tea quite like us Brits and that’s a fact. A good old Yorkshire Tea teabag, a splash of milk, a big dash of water and a sugar or two, if it takes your fancy perfect day or night. You’ve got a problem? A cup of tea will help. Sick? A cuppa will make you feel better. Had a long day? A cup of tea is the perfect treat. You get the jist.

5. History

From the Tudors to the Windsors, there’s so much of the UK that’s worth learning about. Find out the interesting life of Mary Queen of Scots and how she was executed for attempting to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I, her first cousin once removed. Learn about the nation’s role in both World War I and II, or how Neanderthals lived in what is now known as Wales 230,000 years ago.

6. Music

We don’t mean to float our own boat but us Brits are pretty great at music. Some of the greatest artists in music history have been born and raised in the UK, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, David Bowie, Spice Girls, Adele, the list could go on and on.

7. Literature

The UK is proud to be the home to so many wonderful wordsmiths. So many British writers have created some of the greatest works of fiction of all time. JK Rowling shook the world with the Harry Potter series, which captured the hearts and minds of both the young and old.

Irvine Welsh challenged your brain with his dark and deep novels, whilst Dylan Thomas perfectly selected each word to create some of the greatest poetry you’ll ever have the pleasure to read.

One writer who cannot be left out has to be, of course, William Shakespeare. Who not only wrote some of the most popular plays of all time, but who significantly shaped the English language, adding 3,000 words into the English dictionary.

8. Good Manners

If there’s one thing you can’t fault us Brits on it is good manners. We also follow up a request with a please or thank you, and most of us will apologise for mistake that we didn’t even make. We’ll hold open the door for you, and will stop the bus when you’re running for it, if we can. It’s all about being a nice person and we think it’s a pretty great way to live.

9. The NHS

Say what you want about the NHS, but most of us would be lost without it. With the whole of the world having to pay so much for their medical bills, we’re lucky that we can receive free healthcare on the NHS which can even include prescriptions, depending on your financial situation. There’s no worry about how much it will cost to stop the night, or how much you’ll have to pay for an appointment.

10. Orderly Queues

We don’t know why but we all just seem to love a good queue in the UK and hate anyone who attempts to jump it. There is a rule. If one person is waiting to use a service that is now a queue, and it is your duty to get in the line behind them. We queue for everything: the bus, the post office, for tickets or just when walking up the stairs. You name it, we’re queueing in it!

So, that’s what we thinks great about the UK? Do you have any other reasons why you love our nation? Let us kno

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