25 Travel Tips Everyone Should Read


Whether you are setting off on a backpacking adventure or simply hoping to enjoy a well-deserved break abroad, we here at One Penny Trip are providing 25 travel tips that will transform your adventure.

1. Make a List

Before you even pack your case, it is important to write a list of all the things you will need to enjoy a fantastic trip overseas.

From your passport and travel documents to your sunglasses and beach towel, write everything you will need down so you don’t forget anything.

2. Be Flexible

It helps to be a little flexible when booking trips abroad, because this will ensure you book the best flight for your budget – or ensure you find a seat on the plane for your desired month.

3. Learn the Local Lingo

While the locals will not expect you to be fluent in their language, they will appreciate the effort you have taken to learn a little bit of the local lingo, so try to learn basic words such as “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”.

4. Buy Travel Insurance

You might not think you will suffer an accident, injury or illness abroad, but your bank balance will certainly know about it if you do.

It is, therefore, advisable to buy travel insurance before you travel overseas, so you will not be forced to pay a considerable amount for a medical emergency.

5. Photocopy Important Documents

If you never want to be stranded abroad, we recommend you photocopy important travel documents.

So, if you lose your passport or boarding pass, you will have backups in your bag, which could be all it takes for an airline to allow you to step aboard a flight.

6. Receive the Appropriate Travel Vaccinations

Depending on your destination of choice, you may have to receive a travel vaccination to ensure you are protected from various diseases abroad.

It is therefore important to book an appointment with your doctor prior to your adventure, as they can provide the appropriate immunisations to protect you from diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and rabies.

7. Inform Your Bank of Travel Plans

It is vital you telephone your bank or credit card company prior to your trip to inform them of your travel plans.

By notifying your bank, you can ensure you will not be locked out of your account and unable to access your funds.

You should therefore keep them informed should you unexpectedly add a new destination to your overseas adventure.


8. Keep Your Loved Ones in the Loop

If you plan to travel the world, it is important you keep your loved ones at home in the loop of your travel plans. That way they will know your last known whereabouts, should the worst happen.

While nothing bad will probably happen, it is important to be sensible on your travels and, at the very least, they will be happy to know what you are up to on your big adventure.

9. Wear SPF Lotion

We don’t care if you don’t burn under the sun or you want a sun-kissed tan, you must wear SPF lotion to protect our skin from harmful UV rays.

You must adapt the sun protection factor depending on your skin type and the intensity of the heat.

10. Be Spontaneous

Don’t make the mistake of trying to stuff too much into one day.

You might have a million and one things to do on your bucket list, but planning too much can sometimes detract from your day, as you won’t have the time to simply enjoy the moment.

What’s more, you will not be able to enjoy unplanned moments, which can often create the best memories. So ensure you leave room for spontaneity.


11. Pack a Sarong

You might think this tip is a little odd, but it really isn’t.

A sarong is not only a great item of clothing to wear in the sun, but it can also be used as a towel, curtain or a wrap when you are cold.

You can wear this item in many ways, so always carry one in your bag.

12. Take Additional Underwear

It’s never a bad idea to pack extra underwear in your case for an emergency.

For example, you could easily run out, or might need to change your underwear more times than you expected.

You could even pack quick-dry underwear that you can simply wash on your travels.

13. Talk to the Locals

If you want to discover the best restaurants, beauty spots or attractions, avoid reading the guide books and ask the locals.

They will know the best places to dine, the finest sights to see and the most breath-taking locations to watch the sunset.


14. Create a Travel First Aid Kit

No-one likes to suffer will an illness or injury when abroad, but you should ensure you have the right supplies if you do.

For example, take paracetamol, allergy tablets, traveller’s diarrhoea capsules, bandages, plasters, cold meds and more, because this will ensure you have access to basic medical supplies, if needed.

You should also take some aloe vera and aftersun lotion with you, so you can quickly recover from sunburn.

15. Rise and Shine

If you want to make the most of your travel time, don’t spend your days lying in bed.

Instead, wake up early to enjoy the best attractions all to yourself or to simply watch the sun rise.It’s also easier to converse with locals during the early mornings, because there might be less tourists out and about.

It’s also easier to converse with locals during the early mornings, because there might be less tourists out and about.

16. Have a Backup Fund

The thought of losing your money on your travels probably fills you with dread.

It is, therefore, advisable to have an emergency fund, so you can fall back on cash if you lose your purse or wallet, or if your card stops working.

Try to hide the cash away in a place that no-one will find it, such as a secret pocket, toiletry bag or under a shoe insert.

17. Backup Everything

If you plan to take your laptop with you on your travels, make sure you backup all your files, photos and private information, so you can gain access to the documents on a different device.

It is advisable to keep both digital and physical copies of your passport, visas, birth certificate, health insurance card, travel insurance, driver’s license and important phone numbers.

travel photography

18. Take as Many Photos as Possible

One day your big adventure will be a distant memory, which is why you should strive to take as many photos as possible.

There is nothing quite like the freedom of travel, as it can take you down so many unexpected roads, so take as many snaps as you can so they remain fresh in your mind when you’re old and grey.

The photographs will ensure those memories all come flooding back to you, so you will soon be able to smell the delicious aroma of the street food, hear the locals and feel the intensity of the sun beating down against your skin.

19. Speak to Locals Using Body Language

You might not know how to communicate locals through the use of their language, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them through your body language.

If you are uncomfortable or unfriendly in your physical demeanour, the locals will view you as rude and will be more hostile to your present.

You should therefore smile at the locals, wave and attempt to say hello in their local language.

20. Don’t Forget Earplugs

Trust us when we tell you that earplugs will be your best friend when travelling the world – so you should definitely add them to your checklist.

These handy little plugs will allow you to enjoy a great night’s sleep in your hotel, hostel or on the plane – so you can sleep soundly, surrounded by the noise of drunken travellers, crying babies, loud music or the slamming of doors. Seriously, do not forget them.

21. Flight Delay Compensation

Whether you are heading off on a summer holiday or an around the world trip, it is important to be aware that you have certain rights following a flight delay.

For example, if you are flying from an EU airport or aircraft, you could receive compensation if your flight is delayed for three hours or more.

You might also be eligible for food and drink vouchers, and the airline should offer overnight accommodation, if required.


22. Swap Your Stuff in Your Suitcases

Are you travelling with a partner or friend? If so, you should swap items in each other’s suitcases.

So, if one of you loses your luggage, you will have a spare change of clothing in your travel companion’s case. You know it makes sense.

23. Enquire About Public Transport

You should always learn about the public transport options at your destination, as it is important you find the best mode of transport for both your needs and budget.

Ask the locals whether you would be better to hop on a bus, train, subway or into a taxi – because sometimes the seemingly cheaper and quicker option can be much more expensive and slower than other transport alternatives.

24. Keep Hydrated

What’s the best way to recover from jetlag? Water and plenty of it.

You might not realise it, but your body is more susceptible to dehydration when you are 30,000 feet in the air on a plane – so ensure you drink plenty of water on long-haul flights so you can fend off tiredness.

25. Make the Most of Your Carry-On Case

So many travellers fail to make the most of their carry-on case – and it is often these people that you will find emptying their cases at the check-in desk because their cases are too heavy.

We, therefore, recommend packing your heaviest items in your carry-on case, so you will not have to pay out for extra luggage for your suitcase to be accepted onto a flight.

If you are set to travel the world, be sure to regularly return to One Penny Trip for tips, advice and inspiration. You’ll be glad you did.

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