5 Travel Items to Take with You on an Adventure


There are some things you just can’t afford to forget on your travels, especially if you are heading off on a backpacking adventure. To prevent you from kicking yourself once you’re up in the air, we are offering the 10 items you must pack in your case.

1.     Wet Wipes

You have no idea how handy a wet wipe will be on your journey until you actually need one. Not only are they the perfect way to freshen up after a long trip or a filthy trek across a land, but they can also be used to clean items or remove marks from our clothing. Trust me, you will want to pack it.

2.     A Pen and Paper

There are so many things to remember when travelling abroad, such as flight times, hotel names, contact numbers and even travellers’ contact details. That’s why it’s always handy to have a pen and paper on your person. I once even personalized pens with my name and contact details, so one of them could always find me, if need be. Plus, you never know, travelling might just inspire you to start writing a book, poem or letter home.

3.     Camera

Yes, you might have a camera on your phone, but how good is it really? A high-quality camera will allow you to take an amazing snapshot that you’ll treasure forever. You never know, you might just catch the photography bug and travel the world as a professional photographer. Stranger things have happened.

4.     Passport

It’s amazing how many people forget to take their passport to the airport. My rule is check, check and check again. Even if you remember putting it in your bag, check it as soon as you leave the home, on your way to the airport and before you reach the check-in desk. Also, ensure you store away your passport safely in your hostel or hotel room to avoid theft or loss.

5.     Baby Powder

I would personally be lost without baby powder when travelling. It can be used as a dry shampoo when my hair looks a little greasy, it can stop your shoes from rubbing against your skin and can freshen up dry skin. The list is endless. Don’t forget it!

Now you know what to take, it’s time to look at the travel items to leave at home!

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