How Travelling Can Help Us Reach Our Potential


Travel broadens the mind. While many people will spend their days hoping to one day find themselves, travel allows a person to go away and realise who they are back home.

The fact is: we are who we are. There is no changing our personalities or waiting to find the right road to walk down. We must accept our traits and go out and find that road – and sometimes the best way to do so is to hit the road for a while.

Now I’m not telling you to drop everything, sell your house and explore every corner of the Earth – which you can do if you really want to. I’m simply encouraging you to live a little. To explore different cultures, taste different foods and see different things. This could be for a one or two-week period every year, for a month or maybe even a year.

Travelling makes us appreciate what we have left behind all the more, whilst proving that there is a big, lovely world out there that’s ours for the taking. Your dream career isn’t going to fall into your lap, it is up to you to identify what your passion is and go after it.

You need to ask yourself what is stopping you from going after your dreams. Is it fear? Everyone has a passion; even if yours isn’t unlocked yet, you’ll find it. However, you’ll only achieve your goals if you take action to make that dream a reality.

For example, a trip to a Titanic hotel may make you discover a love for the vessel’s history, or just history in general. While climbing aboard a plane may make you realise that you dream of becoming an air steward or stewardess. Travelling, in general, could ignite a passion for geography, encouraging you to become a geography teacher, archaeologist or historian. You just never know what road it will take you down. Travel teaches us, even without us realising it, and this education will answer questions we didn’t even know needed to be answered.

Obviously, there is no guarantee you will find your passion abroad, but it could make you realise just how lucky you are at home. Life is about more than a career or how much money you have, it is about family, love and a place of belonging – and, in some ways, that is the biggest and best passion of all.  Sometimes you have to go away to find what you’re looking for at home.

Wherever your destination, be open to new opportunities, and don’t be afraid to look back at your life at home every once-in-a-while to realise what matters most. Maybe nothing at home matters, maybe only the people you are with matter, and that’s great – all you have to do then is identify where you all belong together. That one little journey could lead to a bigger journey down the road.

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