The Hidden Gems of Paris’ Food Scene


Given that France is widely considered as a culinary capital, it is no surprise that many people who travel here are eager to get eating some traditional French cuisine. This guide will endeavour to show you some of the hidden gems of the food scene in the city, so that you don’t miss out on any of the delicious dishes and treats Paris has to offer.

The Hidden Patisserie

Located in St-Germain, Gerard Mulot is one of the city’s finest patisseries but is relatively unknown to the tourists who come to the city. Walking down the block where the store is located, you will smell the treats before you see them. The shop window will give you a glimpse of some imposing towers of macarons and once inside, you can explore some of the delicious creations made by the man himself.

Mulot’s shop is located near to the Jardin du Luxembourg, so head over to buy some treats from his store and then make your way to a picnic spot in the park to enjoy the day.

The Secret Bar

On first impressions, you would not think much of La Cagnotte de Belleville, but spend some time in the bar and you will realise it is essentially as Parisian as a bar can get. Open from 7am til 2am, the bar is visited by workmen and mothers during the morning, catching a quick cup of coffee before shooting off to work.

Later on in the evening, the crowd becomes more hip and the bar will fill up groups of people talking, drinking and smoking to the rock aligned music. The Stones, The Smiths and The Velvet Underground are some of the favourites played here.

The Undiscovered Cheese Shop

Fromagerie Trotte is a small shop based in Marais, and two people standing side by side would pretty much fill the shop floor. The owner, Pascal Trotte, is an expert in cheeses and the ripening and maturing of the dairy delicacies. In the shop, you will see numerous kinds of artisan cheeses stacked on shelves lining both sides and the specialty is goat’s cheese. Throughout the day, you will see people popping in for some cheese with their meals while people come from all around the city because of the quality cheese Trotte stocks.

Getting Around

Getting around Paris and enjoying some of these gems is much easier when you can come and go as you please as you can with your own rental car. It’s also understandable to be a little overwhelmed by public transport in foreign countries, the trusty car and Google Maps combination is often the best option. There are plenty of online car rental agencies available and they’re definitely worth a look.

The Secret Restaurant

The old brasserie Benoit has been open for just under a century. Located in Les Halles, the standard of food they make and serve is of the highest quality. The portions are also great value for money and there is a constant supply of pate and bread placed in the middle of every table.

While much of the fare in the restaurant is traditional, when done right as it is in Benoit, it is very hard to beat. The decor is also beautiful, with an intricate mosaic floor and brass rails, giving you a rustic feel.

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