The 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the World


One Penny Trip brings travel and culture right into your home, so you can learn about the best things to see or do in the world, when you don’t have the opportunity to visit yourself. Now, I know visiting a haunted hotel might not be at the top of everyone’s bucket list, but that doesn’t mean reading about them isn’t interesting. Check out the most haunted hotels across the globe.

#1 Castle Stuart, Inverness

James Stuart built the Castle Stuart Hotel back in 1625 but was plagued with rumours that it was haunted. In a bid to refute the gossip, Mr Stuart offered to pay a reward to someone who was willing to spend the night in the castle. Tempted by the reward, a local minister at Petty Church stayed for one night in the room at the top of the East Tower. However, and this is the scary bit, his dead body was found in the courtyard, and it was reported that he died with a frozen look of horror on his face.

#2 Le Pavillon Hotel, New Orleans

Apparently, 5 ghosts roam the walls of Le Pavillon Hotel that was established in 1907. One of the most notable cases of paranormal activity comes from a tearful ghost by the name of Adda, who is believed to have been killed by a runaway carriage. His spirit reportedly bumps into guests in the lobby, telling them he’s lost; however, he quickly disappears from sight.

Many guests have also reportedly witnessed the ghosts of a couple holding hands, and the lady’s perfume and the man’s cigar can often be smelt. There are also many claims that a mischievous hippy runs around the hotel, disappears into walls, hides objects and yanks blankets off hotel guests.

#3 The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Canada is thought to be the home of an elderly bellhop called Sam McAuley. Despite the manager’s claims that there is no paranormal activity in the hotel, many guests have reported that a white-haired bellhop helped them with their luggage, yet he vanishes before he receives his tip.

#4 Akasaka Weekly Mansion, Tokyo

If you’re planning a trip to Japan anytime soon and feel like visiting a spooky hotel then we recommend the Akasaka Weekly Mansion, as a terrifying spirit is supposed to appear when a person approaches, but when he turns to approach you, he reveals his face that’s blank of any features. No nose, no mouth, nothing! Many guests have also stated they’ve seen ghostly apparitions or felt the touch of disembodied hands whilst they were sleeping.

#5 The Talbot Hotel, Oundle

The Tablot Hotel in Oundle, Northamptonshire, dates back to 1100 and is the place where Mary Queen of Scots was tried and beheaded. It is believed that Mary descended the staircase on her way to her execution, and her ghost has been seen many times walking down the steps. Her portrait has even leapt from the wall on numerous occasions, whilst furniture has been moved around by itself.

#6 The Stanley Hotel, Colorado

Legend would have us believe that the ghost of F. O. Stanley, the first owner of the hotel, and his wife are regularly seen walking through the lobby, and she can often be heard playing piano in the music room. A former housekeeper and her children are also thought to haunt this establishment, as her spirit has been known to pack away guests’ belongings in room 217, whilst her children can be heard running and giggling down the halls.

Scary fact: The Shining was based on a paranormal encounter Stephen King had in this very hotel.

#7 Langham Hotel, London

Room 333 in the Langham Hotel is thought to be the place where the hotel’s ghosts get together for a chat. Many guests have also claimed to see the spirits of Emperor Napoleon III and a German Price who committed to suicide by jumping out a window on the fourth floor.

#8 Hotel El Convento, San Juan

Before it was a hotel, Hotel El Convento in Puerto Rico was the home of war widow, Dona Ana. It later became a cloister for local nuns before it was temporarily converted to a hotel in the 60s. It wasn’t until 1995, though, when it opened its doors officially as a hotel. However, numerous guests have stated they’ve heard the swishing sounds of nun’s robes or seen them for themselves. What’s even scarier is that some guests have awoken to the ghostly spirit of Dona Ana if they’ve overslept. Rather them than us!

#9 Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

Chillingham Castle is thought to be one of the most haunted hotels in England, with guests reportedly witnessing the spirit of Lady Mary Berkley in search of her husband who ran away with her sister. The chapel is also thought to be haunted by voices and the spirit of another woman has been seen on occasion in the pantry. There are also the eerie sounds of a boy, nicknamed the Blue Boy, whimpering and moaning in the castle.

#10 The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Wales

The Skirrid Mountain Inn was first established in 1110, so it’s no surprise that this is a very haunted hotel. Many guests have had terrifying paranormal encounters here, as some have felt a rope being tightened around their necks, leaving them struggling to escape. What makes this story even spookier is that the rope left a mark on their necks that didn’t disappear for days.

Have you ever stayed at any of these hotels? Had a spooky encounter? We want to know. Planning a Halloween party to make your establishment nearly as spooky as the ones above? Check out our enviable range of Halloween supplies today.

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